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OnDOMAIN protects you from threats outside your perimeter. It uncovers, investigates and takes down lookalike domains as they are being spun up by fraudsters.

With this trial version of OnDOMAIN, you will be able to:

  • Input two domains that you’d like OnDOMAIN to monitor

  • Detect straightforward lookalikes

  • Find malicious websites that are illegitimately using your logos

When you upgrade to the full version of OnDOMAIN you can expect to benefit from the product’s full feature set, including:

  • Domain management - add and protect all the domains in your domain estate

  • Real-time lookalike detection - uncover lookalikes as they appear and access detailed domain information

  • Integrated takedown - disarm lookalike domains with ease and confidence

OnDOMAIN's free trial


Monitor two domains

Monitor all your domains

Uncover lookalikes as they appear

Uncover lookalikes as they appear

Scan lookalikes for detailed domain information once weekly

Scan lookalikes for detailed domain information every day

Alerts (emails)

Alerts (Slack, SIEMs, SOARs)

Logo detection

Logo detection

Integrated takedown

Load a domain's DNS history

Configure API keys

Integration with OnDMARC & OnINBOX

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