How to automatically Sync Lookalikes classified as HIGH RISK to OnINBOX Threats list?

Note: Feature available ONLY for Customers with an OnDOMAIN paid POC or Full.

1/ Generate an API key from the Platform:

2/ Add the API key to OnDOMAIN (Settings)

3/ Click connect.

4/ Add Lookalike to "Mark as high risk and add to OnINBOX to HIGH RISK list". (Red Arrow)

5/ Lookalike added and visible to HIGH RISK window.

Note: Sync’ed with OnINBOX will take a few minutes and confirmed in green.

6/ Lookalike: is added to Trusted Network in OnINBOX:

  • Senders / Domains / Threats

  • Contents / Threats

This will result in all emails from this sender and this domain being marked with a red Trust indicator moving forward.

Note: Deleting the lookalike from OnDOMAIN HIGH RISK won’t delete it from OnINBOX Trusted Network and vice versa.

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