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Getting around OnDOMAIN
How to interpret the "Domains" interface
How to interpret the "Domains" interface
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This dashboard is where you can monitor the health of the domains that you own.

Once your domains are added, OnDOMAIN will give you an overview of the health of each of them.

Domains are checked against 8 parameters (from left to right):

  • CNAME use: Checks for dangling DNS record.

  • Subdomain: Checks for Subdomains.

  • Email Security: Checks if you are DMARC compliant.

  • DNS Security: Checks if your domain is secure enough to avoid domain takeover and spoofing.

  • Domain Reputation: Checks domain feeds to make sure there are no reputation issues.

  • IP Reputation: Checks all IPs associated with your domain against threat feeds to make sure there are no issues.

  • Synced with OnDMARC: Checks whether your domain is in sync with OnDMARC (API required).

  • Logo Annotations present Checks if there are logos matching tags.

  • Logo Annotation tag matches: Shows the tag name found on the website.

Coloured dots show the health status of each parameter separately for a given Domain.

  • Green: Healthy

  • Amber: Warning

  • Red: Action required

Note: In the case of DNSSEC, the Amber highlight means that not all registrars support DNSSEC. (Please check with your provider)

Click on any of the dots for more details. If there is a Website, a screenshot is taken and displayed. See an example below.

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