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We are introducing a new feature that automates asset discovery of domains, by adding new entries to the Activity table with the Category in the column.

OnDOMAIN performs an asset discovery lookup on a daily basis by detecting Private Name Servers from which such potentially owned domain assets may come from.

Newly discovered name servers are opt in and listed in our settings page, a user can decide to exclude them from further asset discovery attempts by disabling the toggle under Identities.

To know more about Identities discovery, click the link below:


Note: The feature is on by default.

Activity view:

From now on, OnDOMAIN will be able to spot your potentially owned domains based on the ones you add to the Domains page. The data sources for these assets are Private Name Servers.

In order to help you with the search for these new entries, we have added a new column named Category to the Activity page table. This new column will show different tags depending on the situation:

  • Asset: the lookalike domain is potentially an asset owned by your company.

  • Abandoned: the lookalike domain is potentially an asset owned by your company but has lacked DNS activity for a long time - it has likely been forgotten. It could still be purchased by a third party.

Note: the Category column can also be empty. If this is the case, this is a standard lookalike domain and unlikely to be an asset.

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