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Updates: May 20th, 2022

Highlights include improved error messages for logo submissions and IPv6 addresses being considered as part of web-readiness check

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New error messages for failed logo submissions

When a logo submission fails, more meaningful error messages now tell you exactly what steps to take in order to resubmit.

An example scenario would be attempting to upload a very small logo that does not comply with the minimum dimensions specified in the instructions. In such a case, the following error message would be seen in the toast notification.

IPv6 addresses now considered as part of the web-readiness check

We've increased the web-readiness coverage of OnDOMAIN to also look for IPv6 addresses when scanning lookalikes.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses will be listed together in the Web Ready card that can be found on the detail page for the lookalike in question.


Logo detection

We've tweaked the machinery of our logo detection service to reduce the minimum width and height of new logo submissions. The minimum width and height dimension for new logos is 128 pixels.

Formatting issues in exported CSV files

When exporting a CSV file from any of the tables of the Domains and Activity pages, the resulting file contained columns with some non-intuitive values.

The lookalikes CSV file (generated from the Activity page) contains a column named Observed date which displayed numeric values without clear meaning.

From now on, this column will display the date values using the DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss (day/month/year hour:minute:seconds) format.

Additionally, columns that previously produced true or false values will now produce the equivalent yes or no. This applies to all CSV files generated from within OnDOMAIN.

Other fixes

  • We resolved an issue predominantly affecting Mozilla Firefox users where files could not be uploaded using the drag-and-drop option, preventing successful file uploads of logos and takedown evidence.

  • From now on, all found IP addresses for a given lookalike will be listed correctly in the Web Ready card of the details page.
    There was an issue that prevented listing all found IP addresses in the Web Ready card of the details page.

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