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How to manually add lookalikes
How to manually add lookalikes
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OnDOMAIN automatically discovers potential lookalike domains based on the list you provide on the Domains page.

However, you may have observed additional lookalikes through other means, such as phishing email campaigns targeted at your company or your supply chain, that you wish to add to OnDOMAIN.

With the new Add lookalikes feature, you can manually add any lookalike domain using the button shown in the screenshot below.

This button will redirect you to a new page where you will be able to add new lookalike domains one by one or upload multiple lookalike domains at once with a CSV file, as shown below:

Before saving the new lookalike domains, you can also classify them upfront as either unclassified, low risk, or high risk. Each classification will add the new lookalikes to the corresponding Activity table tab. In order to change the lookalike classification, select the ones you want using the checkbox column and use the Actions button that will become visible at the top-right of the table.

Any newly added lookalikes will take a few minutes to appear in the specified tab, as OnDOMAIN needs to perform a scanning process behind the scenes.

"Manually added" shortcut is available for a quick search.

Finally, do not hesitate to combine this new feature with our takedown capabilities to start a takedown process on lookalike domains that may have been missed by OnDOMAIN!

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