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OnDOMAIN with OnDMARC Integration
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How to Sync Domains between OnDMARC and OnDOMAIN and vice versa?

Note: Feature available ONLY for Customers with an OnDOMAIN paid POC or Full.

PART1: OnDMARC to OnDOMAIN. (Automatic Sync)

1/ Generate an API key from the Platform:

2/ Add the API to OnDOMAIN. (Settings)

3/ Click connect. (create a sync between OnDMARC and OnDOMAIN)

4/ Add your Domains to OnDMARC. Ex:

5/ Few minutes later, your Domain(s) are added to OnDOMAIN and in sync. (Green OnDMARC icon)

PART2: OnDOMAIN to OnDMARC (Manual Sync)

1/ Add your Domain(s) to OnDOMAIN.

Note: OnDMARC icon must turn green first before moving to 2/ (indicates API Sync to OnDMARC).

2/ Select the Domain(s).

3/ From ACTIONS, click Add to OnDMARC.


  • When deleting a domain from OnDOMAIN, deletion does not get propagated to OnDMARC.

  • Deleting the Domain from OnDMARC does not delete it from OnDOMAIN.

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