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Keyword-based lookalike detection

Add keywords to OnDOMAIN to reduce the discovery of false positive lookalikes

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OnDOMAIN relies on the domains that you add to the Domains page in order to start the lookalike domains discovery process. We’ve now added an optional discovery step that will analyse keywords provided by you in order to reduce the discovery of false positives in the lookalikes Activity table.

The keywords are used to increase the matching criteria of newly detected lookalike domains and reduce the number of false positives, in which lookalike names have (almost) nothing to do with any of your original domains.

By adding these keywords, all English language words which contain the keyword as a substring are added to an exclusion list. These will be used to filter out any matching lookalike domains.

Note: this feature will only work if you added a valid OnDOMAIN API Key to the Settings page.

Please note that if the keyword is a word itself then it is not added to the exclusion list and a direct match will still be included in the lookalikes. For instance, by adding keywords such as mens, you will make sure no lookalike domains are added with words containing that keyword, like dimension, mensurability or immense. OnDOMAIN will focus more on lookalike domains containing the mens word which could be separated by dashes (for instance, m-ens would be detected as a new lookalike) or other characters. Further examples of this can be found in the table below:

In order to access this new functionality, we have added a new page to the left-hand menu, labeled Keywords, as seen in the screenshot below.

From here, you can add multiple keywords to fine-tune your OnDOMAIN lookalike discovery process in order to produce more accurate results. Please note that the keywords can only be single words, and only contain alphabetic characters from the Latin alphabet. Special characters like dashes, dots, and numbers will not be allowed.

Limitation & Precaution:

Keywords ONLY apply to the main feed "Alpha Foxtrot".

Words that you keyword out MUST be listed in the English Dictionary - If not present, this feature will not work.

Example 1: Let's say your Domain is: "" and the keyword is "dom". You will NOT get the desired effect as "dom" is not an English word.

Example 2 : Let's say your Domain is: "" and the keyword is “name”.

The above settings will remove your entire Domain from the unclassified list.

(Do not keyword out your own Domain).

Important: Keywords will ONLY take effect after the words are put in settings and it is therefore NOT retroactive.

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