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Subdomains vulnerability checks
Subdomains vulnerability checks
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By classifying your own domains, OnDOMAIN will not only show you possible threat at the Top Level Domains, but also at the Sub Domains Level.

To get to it. Click on a domain that you own and scroll down to the subdomains section. If no subdomains are detected by OnDOMAIN then it won't be shown.

Here is an example:

Details of vulnerability checks:

  • CNAME: Does this domain point to another Domain name using a cname? (OnDOMAIN will check where it is pointed to and alerts you if it is not associated to anything or no longer under your control).

    Green Dot: No CNAME/Pointed to an IP.

    Red Dot: Dangling CNAME - Not pointed to anything.

  • SPF: Is the subdomain setup to send Emails?

  • MX: Is the subdomain setup to receive Emails?

  • IP reputation: Checks all IPs associated with the subdomain against threat feeds to make sure there are no issues.

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