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Updates: September 16th, 2022
Updates: September 16th, 2022

Highlights include the ability to disable the lookalike discovery process and the automatic upload of screenshot evidence for takedowns

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New features

Disabling the lookalike discovery process for domain assets

By default, OnDOMAIN will automatically start searching for lookalike domains related to the ones you add to the Domains page.

However, you might not want OnDOMAIN to search for lookalikes and, instead, only use the tool to keep track of your organization’s parked and unused domains to keep an inventory.

So, from now on, the domains on the Domains page are categorized as follows:

  • Active: the domain will be scanned by OnDOMAIN and the lookalike discovery process is started automatically.

  • Inactive: the domain will be scanned by OnDOMAIN but no lookalike discovery process is started for the domain.

The table on the Domains page now includes an Actions column, indicating whether the corresponding domain is active or not. Domains can be activated or deactivated one at a time, by clicking on the Actions button and selecting the desired option, as shown in the screenshot below:

Please note that when a domain is deactivated, all of its related lookalikes from the Activity page will be deleted. Switching the domain back to an active state will restart the lookalike domain discovery process.

Manually added domains from the Add Domains page will be added as active by default. You will see the status on the table with added domains from the Add Domains page, as shown in the screenshot below:

In order to add new domains as inactive, you can use the CSV upload from the Add Domains page, by clicking on the upload button located on the right.

Please note that when uploading a CSV file, it must contain two columns: one for the domain name(s) to add, and another specifying the category (active or inactive) of each domain to add.

You can download a sample CSV file from this modal to check the expected format of the uploaded file.

Finally, if you have set up an integration with your OnDMARC instance, you will have noticed that domains from OnDMARC are added automatically to the Domains page of OnDOMAIN. From now on, these domains will be marked as inactive by default. You can then activate the ones you really care about.

New Search bar on Activity page

We’ve added a search bar to the top right corner of the Activity page table to make it easier and faster to look for particular domains.

Start by typing the lookalike domain you’re interested in and the search bar will show a list of results based on the entered value. If the domain you are looking for appears in said list, click on it to be redirected to the corresponding tab containing that particular domain.


Automatic upload of lookalike domain screenshot as evidence for takedown

From now on, when marking a lookalike domain for takedown, its associated screenshot (if present) will automatically be added as evidence for the takedown.

Once the takedown application is triggered, this evidence along with any other evidence manually uploaded by you will be forwarded for analysis.

Highlighted screenshot card in Activity details page

The details page of a given lookalike domain has usually shown the Web Ready card at the bottom with a very small screenshot preview of the associated domain.

This card has been moved to the upper left of the details page and the screenshot preview size has been increased. Additionally, a button has been added to make it clear that the screenshot can be opened in full screen to analyze it in more detail.

The URL displayed at the bottom of the screenshot preview is the final URL from which OnDOMAIN grabbed the screenshot, as some lookalike domains can rely on URL redirection to a different domain.


Correct syncing of takedown list in Activity

We identified an issue in which the takedowns list from the Takedowns tab in Activity would show outdated data.

From now on, the takedown list will be up to date with the most recent changes applied to your takedowns.

Consistent predefined filters behavior

When selecting a predefined filter from the Domains or Activity pages, the Activity table was updated by enabling the associated filters.

However, after such filters were edited, they would not be applied when navigating away and then coming back to Activity.

Now, any changes applied manually after selecting a predefined filter will be applied until you change or clear the currently enabled filters.

Resolved erroneous keyword-based matching of lookalikes

We detected an issue in our keyword-based lookalike detection logic, in which the process added incorrect lookalikes as good matches.

The issue has been resolved and all incorrectly-added lookalikes have been cleaned up while keeping the rest of your Activity feed untouched.

Removed layout issues for smaller screens on Add Logo page

On smaller screens, the Add Logo page was displayed with overlapping items.

The layout of this page has now been changed from a two-column layout into a single-column version, as shown in the screenshot below.

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