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Google Safe Browsing

What is Google Safe Browsing and how does it work with OnDOMAIN?

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What is Google Safe Browsing?

Google Safe Browsing is a free service provided by Google that keeps track of malicious websites and domains that could be harmful to anyone using a web browser. When an internet user clicks to access a site that has been reported to Google Safe Browsing, a warning message will display letting the user know that this is a malicious site and to proceed with caution.

OnDOMAIN integrates with Google Safe Browsing and allows you to report suspicious lookalike domains to Google. This can be considered a lighter takedown but is NOT a replacement for a full takedown as the malicious domain may still be accessible and live unless a full takedown is requested.

When should you report a domain?

OnDOMAIN automatically checks whether a lookalike domain is already on the Google Safe Browsing list during the lookalike's scanning process. If it is, the corresponding column will show the red indicator. Otherwise, the lookalike can be reported by accessing its details page and scrolling to the Google Safe Browsing card.

If you think this domain is a malicious one, you can report it manually to Google Safe Browsing, as described in the "How to report a domain" section.


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How to report a domain?

1) Identify the malicious lookalike from Activity.

2) Click on the lookalike to open the lookalikes details page and scroll down to display the card below:

3) You click Report to Google Safe Browsing and are redirected to Google.

4) Complete the relevant information and then click Submit.

5) Go back to the OnDOMAIN Activity and Tick Reported to Google Safe Browsing.

Note: This checkbox is a way for you (and any colleagues accessing the same OnDOMAIN account) to keep track of whether the lookalike domain has already been reported.

6) Click on CONTINUE to pop up the message shown below:

7) The card will turn yellow indicating that the domain was reported and is in a Pending review state. This means that Google is checking if the lookalike is on their list.

Once Google concludes the lookalike domain is indeed malicious, the Google Safe Browsing card from the lookalike details page will turn red.

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