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Updates: October 21st, 2022

Highlights include a new Google Safe Browsing indicator on the Activity page

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New features

Google Safe Browsing indicator on Activity page

Google has a service known as Google Safe Browsing, which stores a list of malicious websites and domains that allows web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to display a warning screen when a user attempts to access a malicious website.

We have added a new Google column to the Activity page to help you spot lookalikes that have been flagged by the Google Safe Browsing service, as shown in the screenshot below.

This is the first step towards a more comprehensive integration with Google Safe Browsing, so stay tuned for upcoming releases!


Activate / Deactivate domains in bulk

In the last release, we added the option to deactivate specific domains from being monitored for lookalikes. The action could only be applied on a single domain, one at a time, so we’ve now made it possible to select multiple domains and activate or deactivate them in bulk to save you time.

Note: If you selected a mix of active and inactive domains, both actions will be available in the bulk actions button.

Clearer font for subdomains count column

The font used for the subdomain count column has been updated for easier and more comfortable visual scanning.

New sidebar and application bar designs

We have applied a slightly different design to both the sidebar on the left and the top application bar within OnDOMAIN.

This change doesn’t impact how the product works, it is solely a design enhancement we’re applying across products on the Red Sift platform for a more consistent look and feel.


More consistent OnDMARC sync

We identified an issue where some domains fetched from an OnDMARC instance would be incorrectly added to OnDOMAIN. The impact was minimal and has been resolved for all our users.

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