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What's New: Product Updates
Updates: November 25th, 2022
Updates: November 25th, 2022

Highlights include a brand new Dashboard page that provides a high-level overview of what is happening in your OnDOMAIN account

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New features

Brand new Dashboard page

We are delighted to announce the launch of the brand new Dashboard page for OnDOMAIN. Think of it as a control center that provides a high-level overview of what is happening in your OnDOMAIN account.

The following information is provided out of the box:

  • Action Required: A list of actionable items that require your attention from potential parked high-risk lookalikes to takedown requests pending your approval.

  • Logos: A summary of the currently uploaded logos aggregated per logo class. If no logos have been uploaded yet, this card will show a button that will redirect you to the logo upload page.

  • Unclassified Lookalikes: Lists the number of lookalike domains present in the Unclassified tab on the Activity page, providing a percentage breakdown of different parameters such as lookalikes with logo presence, presence in the Google Safe Browsing list, or configured for email sending and/or receiving, etc. The different parameters can be viewed in more detail by clicking on the arrow button next to each.

  • Top Targeted Domains: Lists the top five most targeted domain assets. Clicking on any of the domains will redirect you to the Activity page to browse through the lookalike domains that are related to the selected domain. Clicking on the All Domains button will get you to the Domains page to take a look at your domain assets.

  • Top DNS Providers: Lists the most popular DNS providers that have been detected in the Unclassified tab on the Activity page. This can help with triaging your lookalike domains by checking which ones come from your own DNS provider versus less well-known providers.

  • Takedown Summary: Lists the number of takedowns that currently exist in your account at different stages - in progress, successful, declined.

  • New Domains Observed (Last 24h): This card provides a graphical timeline with the number of domains that OnDOMAIN has observed in general over the last day.

The dashboard can be accessed using the Dashboard entry on the left-side panel.

New DNS Providers column in Activity

Some time ago we added the NS records column to the Activity page, in which at least one Name Server record could be seen for each lookalike domain.

However, NS records can have different albeit similar values for the same DNS provider, as their hostname value differs in a handful number of characters on the deepest subdomain level.

The DNS providers column aggregates those different but highly similar NS record values under the same DNS provider name.

For instance, lookalike domains having NS record values such as and would share the same DNS provider value - Cloudflare in this case.

This new column helps to quickly scan the list of lookalike domains using a more human-friendly value instead of the raw NS record values.

Shortcut buttons in Activity

Two new buttons have been added to the Activity page table toolbar: Manually Added and Potential Assets.

The purpose of these buttons is to help you quickly check a specific set of lookalike domains within the visible tab:

  • Manually added lookalike domains may be interesting to review first, as they were probably added for critical reasons.

  • Potential assets should be reviewed and classified either as Low Risk or as actual domain assets.

Navigation between lookalikes in details page

Reviewing lookalike domains in detail is much easier now that we have added navigation controls within the lookalike details page.

The arrow buttons will let you move to the previous or next lookalike domain based on the filtered list in the table of the Activity page.

This way, you will be able to scroll through a whole list of lookalike domains without having to go back and forth between the list and the details page.

This may be helpful to speed up the review process of a given list of lookalike domains!

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