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How to invite a new user to OnDOMAIN
How to invite a new user to OnDOMAIN
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This KB is for users that have never logged in before to the Red Sift platform.

Part A:

Follow the Sign up process first:

Part B:

To invite a user to a OnDOMAIN Instance, follow those steps:

  1. Got to Home Page

  2. Login in

  3. Got to Profile (Gray circle top right).

  4. OnDOMAIN Tab at the top.

  5. Choose the instance that you want that user access to, if more than one listed, and Click + ADD

  6. Invite user and choose the Accounts Roles (Super Admin)

6. The user to accept the Email invite (Inbox).

Note: If not in Inbox, check the Spam folder.

7. The user can now login to that OnDOMAIN instance.

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