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Saved views in Domains and Activity tables
Saved views in Domains and Activity tables

Create saved views based on your priority filters to save you having to recreate them whenever you log into OnDOMAIN

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The Activity and the Domains pages’ tables can be customized by pinning selected columns, applying filters and sorting, as well as toggling visibility on specific columns.

OnDOMAIN allows you to save filtered views within your account, so that you and your colleagues can load them on demand, without having to share URLs or recreate the same views each time you log into OnDOMAIN.

A new action button has been added to the Domains and the Activity pages’ tables, the Save/Load View button, as seen in the example below:

Note: Save/Load View is stored on the server.

You may configure your table as you wish and then give the configuration a name and save it. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Apply any filters you wish, pin the columns of interest, show the columns that are relevant to you, and apply sorting to some of them.

  2. Click on the Save/Load View button mentioned before, and enter a meaningful name for your new view.

  3. Click on the + button next to the entered name to save your view.

The list of created views will be displayed when you click on the Save/Load View button, as shown below:

Whenever you want any of the listed views, click on the listed view of your choice and OnDOMAIN will apply this configuration.

If you intend to update an existing view, you may apply the desired changes on the table first, and then click on the Save button next to the name of the view to overwrite it with the recent configuration.

How to save your own Views (example)

  1. Create the desired filter.


3. Click + (To save the filter)


How to delete a View:

1. Click on SAVE/LOAD VIEW.

2. Click the bin symbol.

3. Read carefully and click CONTINUE to confirm.

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