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Report as false positive
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The feature is designed to help the OnDOMAIN Team to improve the lookalike detection engine and also the logo detection service.

Report False positive for lookalikes will collect this data for internal needs only.

When you report a lookalike domain as false positive, you are asked to give the reason why and two options are available to choose from. Again, this helps us to improve lookalikes detection.

  • Domain names not similar: Lookalike has totally different name to your domain name.

  • Logo detected incorrectly: Lookalike has a logo that was detected by OnDOMAIN but is not yours.

Once selected, 2 actions happen:

1- It is moved to the Low Risk tab. (Not a risk)
2- It gets reviewed by our Data Scientist to improve our lookalike detection engine.

Note: It can be done by single/bulk click from activity table, or from lookalike domain details page.

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