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OnDOMAIN accounts can be shared with multiple users, and there must always be at least one with an Owner role.

Users in the Red Sift platform can have different roles, and permissions can be applied based on those, from the Profile page button accessible from the top of the right-side menu.

In the case of OnDOMAIN, starting from now, actions that may produce changes to the account's data will be checked in terms of permissions. What this means in practice is that users with Owner or Super Admin roles will be able to apply actions within OnDOMAIN, whereas users with other roles, such as Super Reader or Finance will not be able to do so.

An error is displayed as follows:

All users with access to the OnDOMAIN account will be able to see all the data without limitations. Only actions are limited per role. A user that has insufficient permissions to apply a given action will see an error notification within OnDOMAIN, indicating that the user has insufficient permissions.

It is up to the OnDOMAIN account owner to upgrade a given user's permissions by changing the corresponding role to an admin one.


To change the permission for user 2 from Super Admin to Super Reader (Read Only).

Follow those simple steps.

1/ Click on profile

2/ Click OnDOMAIN tab.

3/ Click user 2 and pick Super Reader from drop down list.

4/ Click Super Admin to remove.

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