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OnDOMAIN has now a new feature called "Detectable Keywords Presence" that detects words from screenshot for Domains Assets and Lookalikes. It is complementary to the logo detection.

Only one step is required to take advantage of that feature.

Add the list of words to be detected. OnDOMAIN will look for the added keywords regardless of the casing. That is, OnDOMAIN will detect RED SIFT (all uppercase) even if the keyword red sift (all lowercase) is added.

Note: It can be single words or the whole sentence.

A new column added, alerting the detected words by OnDomain.

Enable the new column Detected Keywords Presence if not visible from the menu.

Once you spot a lookalike domain with detected keywords through the Detected Keywords Presence column, access the lookalike details page and click on the More Details button on the Screenshot card.

Below shows Red Sift detected by OnDOMAIN.

Note the number of instances shown on the left hand side of the screen

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