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Updates: February 24th, 2023
Updates: February 24th, 2023

Highlights include the ability to save your custom views and a new lookalike detection engine

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New features

New screenshot presence column on Domains page

It may be that you have lots of domain assets in the Domains page table, and want to quickly check for which domain assets OnDOMAIN has taken a screenshot.

You can now do that thanks to the new Has screenshot column that's been added to the Domains page table. Depending on your table setup, this new column could be hidden, so don't forget to enable it using the Columns action button at the top of the table.

If this column feels familiar, it is! The same column already exists in the Activity page table.

Saved views in Domains and Activity tables

The Activity and the Domains pages’ tables can be customized by pinning selected columns, applying filters and sorting, as well as toggling visibility on specific columns.

OnDOMAIN allows you to save filtered views within your account, so that you and your colleagues can load them on demand, without having to share URLs or recreate the same views each time you log into OnDOMAIN.

A new action button has been added to the Domains and the Activity pages’ tables, the Save/Load View button, as seen in the example below:

Note: Save/Load View is stored on the server.

New lookalike detection engine

The lookalike detection engine in OnDOMAIN has recently been upgraded to produce much better matches in terms of naming, thus reducing the number of false positives.

Still, this newly improved engine is not perfect. We encourage you to mark any false positives through the corresponding action available in the Activity page actions list. Doing so will still mark the lookalike domain as a Low Risk one, but this feedback from you will prove valuable in helping us to further improve our lookalike detection engine.


Confirmation dialog for Activity actions

From now on, whenever you attempt to apply an action on the Activity page upon any of your lookalike domains, a confirmation dialog will pop up.

If you want to avoid seeing these confirmation dialogs, you can do so by marking the checkbox on the dialog. The only action whose confirmation dialog cannot be dismissed is the Report as false positive action.

Support for plural words of added keywords

The Keywords page allows you to add specific words to narrow down the matches from the lookalike detection engine, resulting in more specific domain matches and thus, a reduced rate of false positives in terms of domain name similarity.

As the entered keywords can be the singular form of well-known English words, OnDOMAIN now also uses the plural form of the entered words to output more meaningful matches. For instance, if you enter the word pencil, OnDOMAIN will also automatically check for pencils.

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