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We have added the ability to attach customised tags to the lookalike entries that are present in the Activity page table. This will allow you to improve your existing workflows when reviewing lookalike domains.

The first step is creating such tags from the Settings page, by adding as many tags as you intend to use on the Activity page. For each tag, you may specify:

  • A colour.

  • A unique name.

  • A description that you may review from the Activity page when working with the tags.

The following screenshot illustrates the section of the Settings page that allows you to manage your Tags:

Once your list of tags is populated in the Settings page, you may go to the Activity page table. There will be a new column called Tags with a plus button that when clicked, will show you a dialog with the list of existing tags, as seen in the following screenshots:

If you don't see such column, click on the Columns button from the table toolbar and toggle the Tags column in order to make it visible, as shown in the following screenshot.

There will be a new column called Tags with a plus button for each row as shown in the following screenshot.

When you click on the + button of the Tags column, a dialog with the list of existing tags will be displayed, as seen in the following screenshot:

Tag can also be done from the Lookalike Details page as shown below:

Toggle each tag button to add it to the lookalike entry that is being acted on. Alternatively, if tags were already attached and you want to remove some of them, then you may untoggle the corresponding tag button. Hovering the cursor on the information icon will show you the description that was provided for the corresponding tag.

Once you commit your tag changes by pressing on the Save button, the list of tags will be updated for the targeted lookalike as shown below:

Note: Tag can only be added with one lookalike at a time and more than one Tag can be associated to lookalike(s).

Finally, you may filter your Activity page table based on the Tags column. In order to do that, click on the Filters button from the table toolbar, select the Tags column and select the tag names you want to filter on from the dropdown, as seen in the following screenshot:

These tags can be combined with the creation of a custom view based on a Tags filter so that you can load such a view and work with its resulting data more rapidly.

You can learn more about creating custom views in our knowledge base article link below:

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